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   Kwame Dixon
Syracuse, New York 13203
Calle de Rollo
Madrid, Spain 28005
e-mail: kwamedixon@ cs.com
Current Position
Assistant Professor, Syracuse University – Syracuse, New York
Department of African American Studies


Ph.D. in Political Science, 1996, full academic fellowship.
Clark-Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia.
Dissertation: “Race, Class and National Identity in Black Ecuador: Afro-Ecuadorians and the Struggle for Human Rights.”
Fields of Concentration: International Relations/Comparative Politics, Political Economy and American Government.

M.A., Political Science, 1986.
Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia.
Thesis: “The Social and Political Theory of Amilcar Cabral.”

B.A., Political Science, 1982.
University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.

Teaching appointments

Visiting Scholar, DePauw University – Greencastle, Indiana, February 2006 to December 2006 

Visiting Scholar, Ecole des Haute Etudes en Sciences Sociales January 2006 – Paris France 

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Syracuse University Madrid Program, January 2001 until December 2004. Taught courses on International Human Rights and World Politics.

Visiting Assistant Professor of African American Studies, Syracuse University (Syracuse, New York). August 2003 to May 2004. Taught courses on International Human Rights focused on Latin America. 

Lecturer in International Development, Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales, Universidad de Complutense, Madrid, Spain. Taught the module Social Exclusion and Latin America. This module analyzes development in Latin America and examines how certain forms of discrimination lead to social and economic marginalization for black and indigenous communities in the region (March 2003).

Assistant Professor, Racial Discrimination and Human Rights in the United States and Latin America, A masters’ seminar taught for the La Universidad de Acala de Henares, Madrid Spain (May 2003)

Assistant Professor of Political Science and African American Studies, The College of Wooster, Wooster, OH. August 1996-August1999. Designed and taught courses and seminars, including Introduction to Black Studies, Human Rights and World Politics, Race, Democracy and Development, The Politics of Latin American States, Afro-Latin Social Movements, Caribbean Politics and Society, and From the Bronx to Bahia: The Imagery of Race, Class and Sex in Latin American/Caribbean Film.

Director, Wooster in Cartagena Human Rights Program, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, South America. July-August 1998. Designed and directed a summer study-abroad program co-sponsored by the College of Wooster and the University of Cartagena that focused on human rights in Latin America, giving special attention to the war in Colombia. Taught the seminar Human Rights in Latin America and used an integrated teaching methodology that included Spanish language training, site visits and weekly thematic seminars with a range of guest speakers.

Professor of Human Rights, Universidad de San Francisco, Quito, Ecuador. Fall 1993-Spring 1994. Taught seminars on human rights in Latin America.

Instructor, DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois. September 1988-March 1991. Taught Human Rights in the Contemporary World and American Government.

Instructor, Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois. September 1989-January 1991. Taught Urban Politics.

Instructor, National College of Education, Evanston, Illinois. January 1989-June 1990. Taught American Government and Urban Politics.

Post-doctoral education and research

At present my research is concentrated mainly on Latin America (black and indigenous) and the Caribbean. The main focus is to develop comparative and methodological approaches for the study of the social exclusion (racial and gender discrimination) in the context of international human rights, democracy and conflict resolution. This research examines how racism, gender and other forms of discrimination lead to human rights violations against at-risk populations and ways in which excluded communities are integrated into the fabric of civil society.

Post-doctoral field research and advanced Portuguese language training, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan/Bahia, Brazil. June 1997/June 1998. Theme of research: “Afro/Indigenous-Brazilian Social Movements and their Struggle for Human Rights.” A two-month study and research program designed for scholars by the Consortium for Inter-Institutional Collaboration for African and Latin American Studies Program at Michigan State University.

Fulbright Scholars Program: Independent study grant for field research, Colombia, South America. September 1995-August 1996. Theme of research: “Afro-Colombian Social Movements and the Negritude Law.” This research project focused on the burgeoning black civil rights movement in Colombia and the struggle for social, political and cultural rights.

Independent field research for Ph.D. dissertation

Date: June 1993 - June 1994

Country: Ecuador
Theme of research: “Race, Class and National Identity in Black Ecuador: Afro-Ecuadorians and the Struggle for Human Rights.” This research analyzed the human rights status of Afro-Ecuadorians from a political economy perspective, using race analysis and minority rights theory.

NGO work experience

Consultant – Club of Madrid Expert: African Women’s Leadership Project: Review and evaluation of Club of Madrid’s project in Uganda, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria. November 2008 to present 

Co-group Expert – Amnesty International USA: Country (Brazil) provide strategic advice to Amnesty International USA on human rights (campaigns, media and speaking tours). December 2007 to present   

Special Rapportuer on Human Rights – International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security: March 8 – 11, 2005 Madrid, Spain. Served as an expert on human rights for a working group on human rights and special rapportuer on themes related to international human rights.     

Consultant, Lecturer and Writer,  Centro de Documentación y Investigación entre Europa y América Latina (CIDEAL) - Madrid, Spain. September 2001 until September 2002. Consulted and prepared an article for a series on human rights and democracy as well a conference organizer and participant.   

Research Analyst, Amnesty International (International Secretariat), London, UK. August-December 2000. Designed research methodology and outline for a special global report on race and human rights for the United Nations World Conference against Racism and Xenophobia.

Human Rights Consultant, Amnesty International USA. August 1999-May 2000. Provided consulting on the UN World Conference against Racism, and organized a series of national hearings on human rights violations in the United States, focusing on race and policing. The events took place in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Chicago. Wrote a report based on the hearings entitled “Police Brutality and Human Rights in the United States.”

Organizational Development Coordinator, The Nicaragua Network Education Fund, Washington, DC, June 1991-June 1993. Oversaw human rights and development projects and campaigns in Nicaragua, focusing on the black/Indigenous, populations of Bluefield’s.

Ralph Bunche Human Rights Fellow, June 1988-January 1990.
Amnesty International USA, Chicago, Illinois. Designed and implemented human rights education campaigns and outreach programs in the African American community.



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Review Essays

a. “African Americans in the Political Science Profession” New Political Science, Volume 30, number 2, June 2008
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c. Beyond Race and Gender: Recent Works on Afro-Latin America: Latin American Research Review, October 2006  
1. Afro-Latin America: 1800 – 2000: By George Reid Andrews
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3. Lydia Cabrera and the Construction of an Afro-Cuban Cultural Identity: By Edna M. Rodríguez - Mangual
4. Afro-Cuban Religiosity, Revolution, and National Identity: By Christine Ayorinde    
5. Laughter Out of Place: Race, Class, Violence and Sexuality in a Rio Shantytown: Donna M. Goldstein

Book Reviews

a. Defying Dixie: The Radical Roots of Civil Rights -1919 to 1950, by Glenda Gilmore, The Journal of African American History (Summer 2009)
b. On American Soil: How Justice became a casualty of World War II, By Jack Hamann, Journal of African American History, Volume 92 Spring 2008
c. Racial Politics in Post Revolutionary Cuba, Mark Q. Sawyer, Publication on Afro Latin America Studies Research Association (PALARA), Number 11, Fall 2007
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h. Eyes off the Prize: The United Nations and the African American Struggle for Human Rights, 1944 – 1955:by Carol Anderson in the Journal of African American History, Summer 2004.
i. Place, Language and Identity in Afro Costa Rican Literature: by Dorothy Mosby, in Meridians: gender, race and transnationalism, Fall 2004.
j. Place, Language and Identity in Afro Costa Rican Literature, by Dorothy Mosby: A Critical Essay on the Status of Afro Latin Populations:  A Contracorriente – A Journal on Social History and Literature in Latin America, April 2004.   
k. The Construction and Representation of Race and Ethnicity in the Caribbean and the World:by Mervyn Allen in Wadabagei – Journal of the Caribbean and its Diaspora, Spring 2004. 

Performance Reviews

a. “La identidad musical de David Murray” (The Musical Identity of David Murray) Mas Jazz, Primavera 2009

b. “Be-Bop on the Mediterranean: The Eighth Annual International Javea Jazz Festival,”  SU Latina/o, Spring 2009

c. “Jason Moran: El lenguaje del jazz moderno” (Jason Moran: The language of modern jazz) Mas Jazz, Verano 2008 

d. “El Lenguaje de la humanidad: El viaje musical de Billy Bang” (The Language of Humanity: the Musical Journey of Billy Bang), Mas Jazz Noviembre 2007  

e. “Bill Cole: A Journey towards Justice” The Black Voice Volume XXXIX no. 4
November 1 2007

Current Research

Edited volume Afro-Latin America: This volume will be a series of essays focused on the contemporary situation of Black populations in Latin America.
(Co-editor: Dr. John Burdick, Department of Anthropology – Syracuse University)

Papers and Presentations

a. Jazz, Democracy and Human Rights: Gender and Transnational Politics – Where is Nina Simone/,   Music, Justice and Gender – Syracuse University, September 14- 16, 2007

b. “From Bogota to Bahia: The intersection of Race and Citizenship in the Americas,” Latin American Studies Association, September 6, 2007 Montreal, Canada  

c. “Gender and Identity in the Caribbean: Afro-Costa Rican Women,” Inter-American Development Bank Cultural Center, May 31, 2007.

d. “Cultural Politics:  Levels of Resistance and Social Movements from Below- New Social Movements:  Transnational Black Social Movements and the Struggle for Human in Latin America”, Latin American Studies Association, March 18, 2006, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Grants and Fellowships

a. Ford Foundation Research Grant for Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration, 2007

b. Syracuse University William P. Tolley New Faculty Summer Stipend for Course Development, 2003/4.   

c. University of Chicago Program on Human Rights, 1999.  

d. Fellow and Grant Recipient – Consortium for Inter-Institutional Collaboration for African and Latin American Studies Program at Michigan State University, 1997 – 1998, Country: Brazil.

e. Fulbright Scholar – Country: Colombia 1996.

f. Ralph Bunche Human Rights Fellow – Amnesty International USA 990.

g. Blaustein Human Rights Fellow – Country: Strasbourg, France 1989.


Fluent in Spanish, proficient in Portuguese

Membership in professional organizations

American Political Science Association

Latin American Studies Association

Brazilian Studies Association

National Conference of Black Political Scientists

Journal Affiliations

Book Reviewer for Journal of African American History and New Political Science 

Manuscript Reviewer for New Political Science 


Office:206 Sims Hall
Phone: 443-3097
E-mail: dldixon@syr.edu

African American Studies